There Is

There is, of confidence, enough to overflow over the top of a personality, aimed at a more ambitious energy, and it will, when pointedly directed toward everything that could ever known be. Beyond the initial excitement – which was explicit – they had, it was obviously apparent, garnered what would continue for a time of consideration yet. Each a person. Each asked that it may be their most happiest of moments.

“May this be my most happiest of moments!”

“May this be my most happiest of moments!”

“May this be my most happiest of moments?”

Of course, I and anybody in my position would agree with me. You wouldn’t be of any kind of ability to resist. Nor would any of us want to. Stopping, allowing the stop to be begun (a sure sign of assurance if ever assuredness was signalled) they let the confidence shared amongst each individual be handled and observed – albeit in an inclusive, attached, effective and affectingly emotionally observational way. The kind of observation that means we are all in this, certainly together and definitely as one. But it is almost always this way, I, and I’m sure you, am sure.

And so it went on. They carried on and carried forth their understanding going where everyone only knew too well. Once, it would have been easy, twice is certainly the more easier and thrice should possible for something of such easiness. Something that feels no resistance is a possibility and if it could be made, which, probability withstanding, it shall be done. They, each of them, hear the cry. Individual in their own ways, the differences were apparent and still all real and similar. It seems that difference can be different to itself and ultimately the same.

How can one go about exclaiming and declaring the purely positive without resorting to negation, abstractedness or simply and only saying yes? Questions open the way to the possible – a point which has both negative and positive connotations. A possible answer could possibly be both yes and no. So I must be as positive as possible; as sure as possible that any possible negative possibility becomes a positive actuality. From this point and forwards, forewarns.

It’s about progress, taking hold of what we know, what I’m sure of and letting the rest be what it will. Because it will. You know it will, I know it will, he knows it will, as does she and their child. The best course is this course. Of course.

And yet, certainly, certainty is the most difficult thing to express.