Milky Way – The Unruly Page, exhibition at York College

The Unruly Page

York College Gallery

Sim Balk Lane, York, YO23 2BB.

2nd March – 28th March 2013

‘The Unruly Page’ is the second exhibition of MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall, an ongoing collaboration between artists Emma Bolland and Tom Rodgers and curator Judit Bodor. The project uses David Peace’s novel, 1980, as a starting point to explore myth-making as method connecting visual art, curating and writing practices in approaching past events through our current understanding of them.

“This exhibition presents fragments of the research process using theoretical and physical deconstruction of existing texts and visual documentation of our visits to sites. We use these fragments to rethink and eventually rework our experience of the novel in a new form of a non-linear publication. In this process the exhibition format helps us in problematizing what a ‘publication’ might be, with reference to the orthodox and constrained concepts of a bound and ordered narrative of images and texts.

It is clear now that the material has not obeyed, and is disrupting and resisting linear narratives, insisting upon a nomadic inhabitation of an aberrant and scattered codex.  In the gallery scraps and scrawls and fragments intrude upon the considered aesthetic of drawings and photographs, in a re-enactment of the unpredictable process of research.”

Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland, Tom Rodgers, 2013

The Unruly Page runs from 2 March to 28 March 2013 at York College Gallery. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday (9am – 5 pm) and Saturday (9 am – 12 noon). Entry is free. Private view, 5 March 5-7 pm.The Language of the Studio

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